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General Information

Zoom Pro licenses are available to all MSU faculty, staff, and students at no cost to the user. More advanced features, such as large room and webinars, can be purchased from the MSU Computer Store for a fee. Any purchased licenses are valid until November 27, 2016. All licenses must be renewed at this time.

For more information about the license, please see For help, contact the DLS Help Desk at (517)355-2345.

Using Zoom Standard Licenses

Browse to to log in to Zoom service for MSU faculty, staff, and students. Please click on the Login button and use your MSU NetID/password.

Purchasing Instructions For Enhanced Licenses Only

  1. Purchase a large room or webinar license from the MSU Computer Store. In the comments section of the order include the email address that you are purchasing the account for.
  2. After you have completed your purchase, send an email to with the NetID that you need to have upgraded. This completes your ordering requirements. 
  3. Once the steps above are completed, your account will be upgraded in 24-48 hours.


Pre-sale help is available from the MSU Computer Store's sales team. To speak to a member of our team, please call (517)432-0700 or visit our product display and demo facility located in room 110 of the Computer Center. For specific Zoom questions, please contact the DLS help line at (517)355-2345, or 800-500-1554, or send email to